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Dallas, TX – NFL regular season began September 13, twelve games played on this day and Sharky's Bar and Grill, located at 17453 Preston Road Dallas, was ready for all fan bases to watch and cheer for their favorite teams with pristine sound that is synced to Sharky's big screen televisions while enjoying a Tiger Shark Mushroom burger at Sharky's U-Shaped bar. The seamless viewing experience is made possible through Audiofetch, which allows real time audio from TVs or any aural source straight to your Apple® or Android® Smartphone. Users download the AudioFetch App at iTunes® or Google Play® Stores and once installed, the phone acoustic and TV video synchronize together. Audiofetch guarantees low auditory latency.

"We are the first bar/restaurant in the area to provide this type of broadcasting service," said Gwenna Roberts, owner of Sharky's Bar and Grill. "I love the Dallas Cowboys, but with the metroplex being home to so many corporate headquarters, we wanted to allow all of our customers the joy of watching their hometown teams without being overwhelmed by the noise of other sport fans. And what makes this extra convenient is that a person can walk around and not be anchored to one speaker, because he/she is receiving the sound from their phone."

Sharky's has been a local treasured neighborhood hangout since it opened 27 years ago. It has oversized television screens featured within a U-Shape bar area of which promotes the art of conversation. The imbibing space also showcases 9 regulation pool tables, shuffleboard, Golden Tee Golf, Silver Strike Bowling, Tiki Toss, Darts and NTN Trivia and has the most sustaining Happy Hour in town: 11:30 am – 9 pm every day and ALL DAY on Sunday. Sharky's Happy Hour showcases domestic beer at $2.75, wells $2.75, calls $4.50, premiums $5.00 & $5.00 Rex Goliath wine. And, for a self-proclaimed "dive bar", they boast an impressive little wine list.

"I have been in the restaurant business for 15 years," says co-owner Amanda Burt. "My industry experience has run the gamut, from Front of the House and Back of the House to General Manager at eateries such as Rainforest Cafe, Brinker's On the Border and Sherlock's. The community that is felt upon entering Sharky's is why I wanted to be a co-owner. I have been a regular since 1999; Sharky's defines the term: neighborhood haunt. I want to preserve Sharky's communal atmosphere while also improving our patrons' collective experiences."

Sharky's Bar and Grill is owned and operated by Gwenna Roberts and Amanda Burt. Both women were regulars before they became owners in January of this year. Each reminisce about nights sitting at the bar in shorts and t-shirts and evenings where they enjoyed a nightcap in a formal gowns.